Biography Yohan Byrde

Yohan A.C. Byrde

President/CEO and Chairman Board of Directors.

The Honorable Yohan Byrde has a vast background in International Business Development, Branded hotels, Education and Psychology and has held many key positions in a broad range of fields ranging from the UN,- Airline Industry, Food Industry, Storage Industry, Commercial and Global Trading, Education and Counseling, Politics and Political strategies, Policies, International Relations, International and Local Economic Community Development, New Business Development, Hospitality, Hotel, Resort, Entertainment & Fashion Consultancy, Change Management.

Mr. Byrde has many years of experience in board development, consulting in business and education and establishing new business and creating new concepts on a national and international level. He is a management consultant, personal management, performance, change and personal branding management consultant, strategic development, talent management, organizational development, political and policy strategies, campaign management  communications and leadership coach counselor and educator. He is currently also the Managing Director at Byrde Worldwide Holdings and Teamwork Hospitality Group/Connexions Media Group and Dream Core Media, High-profilers International Group and a partner at Waterfront Agency and Senior advisor policy, foreign affairs, defence and International Relations, Diplomatic Relations, International Trade, Media and Communications, Campaign Management Government of Canada.

With 28 years of experience in Diplomacy, Politics, Public Policy, the Honorable Yohan Byrde also serves as Chairman European Union Advisory Commission Canada, Individual member ALDE and Chairman InterNations Exchange Foundation for Public Policy and Political and Diplomatic Affairs. He is also the Political Leader of the Progressive Liberal Democratic Party in the Netherlands.

The Hon. Mr. Byrde was also senior and special envoy advisor at the UNESCO/UN Directorate World Youth Affairs, Policy Development and International Affairs where he was appointed to the global leadership development commission. In 1991 he was appointed Chairman UNICEF North America Youth Services. He was also Executive Director for the commission on economic development and global training and policy development with policy files such as International Affairs Education and Social Policy. Mr. Byrde also served on over 18 boards and committees nationally and internationally and has wide experience in Board Governance, International Business Development, Education, Globalization and consulting, public policy and European Affairs and was recently appointed to the Directorate Global Diplomatic Council.

His Personal mission statement: “sharing of knowledge and experiences is a pleasure especially when it makes a difference in another person’s life or career”

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