Global Affairs

  • Managing issues across borders is a challenging business. Senior public affairs professionals need 360 ° vision and an ability to prioritise and mobilise resources, sometimes at very short notice. They also need a firm grasp of the issues in multiple markets, and of who the influencers are.
  • Manageable information flows are key. We’ve build multi-country monitoring tools that work on mobiles and tablets, which give you a simple overview of where the hotspots are today; and online stakeholder engagement tools which keep you abreast of sentiment in multiple markets. We can also keep you appraised through a simple call when it suits you.
  • Our global reach, through the InterNations Exchange Global Partnership, a network of public affairs, diplomatic and political specialists, means we can take the heat out of the challenges you face. We know you can’t be broadsided. We know you don’t always have the local resources you need. We put our people at your service to identify critical issues and deliver strategies to respond to them, wherever they might arise.
  • We also understand the need for a one-stop-shop approach. You don’t have time to talk to 60 experts, so we filter and prioritise on your behalf, keeping you appraised of the issues you need to be alert to and recommending strategies and tactics for action. And when it comes to the best strategies for managing your internal information flows, we deliver strategic advice and counsel on how to organise the PA function across an organisation for maximum internal impact.


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