Government and Diplomatic Relations

Building relations with government and government agencies and the Diplomatic community matters. Decisions made by governments and regulators are estimated to impact on business value by as much as 30%, and up to 50% in some sectors.
Businesses, organizations, communities and nations which engage proactively and regularly with the people with the power to influence their trading environment have a head start over the rest when it comes to strategic planning.
By sharing factual and anecdotal evidence of the realities in their sector, they become part of the process, they build relationships of trust and they shape their own business environment for the future.
Our clients come to us because we believe in proactive and effective engagement and we get results. We specifically recruit people who have hands-on experience of working at the heart of the political machine because they know the who, why and the when of lobbying and engagement.
Wherever our clients want to engage, we know every level of government – from elected representatives to officials and administrators. Our strategies and tactics advance business goals in local and global markets.

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