Chameria vs Sporting Tirana and Orikumi Football Matches

On 12 and 13 July 2018, the national football team of the Republic of Chameria played several friendly matches against Albanian teams from Tirana and Vlorë; Sporting Tirana and Orikumi. These professional teams play in the highest Albanian league. Both matches were won by the Chamerian national team with a score of two to one.

The national team of Chameria consists of professional football players who compete in Albania’s highest division. They are honoured to be selected for the national team of Chameria and will present the nation at the upcoming international events. The national football team has a full schedule with numerous international matches on the agenda. The national selection will travel to various European countries to play matches against other national teams from CONIFA members as well as against professional teams from regular competitions.

The football federation of Chameria has recently become a member of CONIFA, which is the international football federation for national teams who are not part of FIFA.

The qualification matches for the European Championship of June 2019 will start in September of this year. The national team of Chameria is preparing for these qualification matches, which are scheduled to take place in Kosovo, France, Italy, Germany and several other European countries. The head trainer and the football federation president, Arben Arkaxhiu, of the national football team of Chameria are convinced that the current talented players who make up the Chamerian national team will enable Chameria to advance to the final stages of the European Championships with a realistic chance of reaching the finals and taking home the Cup.

Jeroen Zandberg with the top scorer of the matches Mr. Hasani