INEX visits the European Parliament

A political delegation headed by InterNations EXchange (INEX) president and chairman of the EU advisory commission Yohan Byrde, visited this first week of August, together with the Prime-Minister of Chameria, Festim Lato, the European Parliament and the European Commission in order to plead for the rights of Chameria.

Chameria is a region in northwestern Greece which was originally inhabited by the Albanian-Cham people. Many of them were driven out of their lands during World War II and they currently try to regain their cultural, economical and political rights. In the hope of getting recognition for their democratic rights they now turn to the European Union. The INEX president states that the recognition of democratic rights should be guaranteed for all Europeans and that only the best interpretation and implementation should be a point of discussion.

The delegation visited the European Parliament and had meetings with representatives of European political parties and the Commission. They explained the situation of Chameria and the method of INEX to arrive at a fair solution that does justice to the European values. The positive reactions and the follow up meetings which have been set show that the European family is open to newcomers in whatever form that may be.

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