Public Policy and Issue Management

A change in government policy, a new approach to regulation in a particular sector or a sudden rise in activism can all knock a business strategy off track.

Conversely, the same events can create opportunity for businesses, but only if they are aware of the change long enough in advance to take advantage or manage the risk.

We help our clients to understand what’s going on in parliament or the administration through a blend of active online monitoring, personal knowledge and strategic insight. We filter, prioritise, interpret and tailor to your business strategy.

Monitoring and issue tracking can be routine. You might want a regular round up of what matters to your business – designed to keep you ahead of the curve. Or you might need short term and strategic insight, focused around a particular issue and designed to ensure that you can respond to a particular threat or opportunity.

We deliver to suit you. For some clients, a simple, regular email will suffice. For others, we build bespoke tools which harness complex issues and deliver our analysis and strategic advice. For others, a call is all it takes when we spot something business critical. Knowledge is power where business is concerned. Work with us to understand how we could put the power in your hands.