New Constitution and Government of the Republic of Chameria

InterNations Exchange organized a conference in The Hague, the Netherlands where the new constitution of the Republic of Chameria was unveiled and the new government officials were presented.

On 9 September 2017, at a well-attended ceremony in The Hague, the Netherlands, the new constitution of the Republic of Chameria was unveiled. This document sets out the jurisdiction of the government of Chameria and defines the rights, duties and obligations of the appointed and elected government officials. It also provides a framework for the rights of Chamerian citizens who can from this day onward turn to the constitution for their inalienable rights as a global and national citizen and human being.

Following the declaration of independence on 31 October 2016, a constitutional assembly chaired by Yohan Byrde and Festim Lato held a number of sessions during the year of 2017 to prepare the articles that form the basis of the constitution of the Republic of Chameria. This fully democratic constitution contains over a hundred articles that lay out the structures of government and the rights and duties of its subjects.

The new leaders of the Republic of Chameria signed an official certificate of establishment showing their commitment to the government and their willingness to abide by international regulations that outline the rule of conduct between nations.

The Chamerian nation is now presented by a government consisting of the following officials:

  • President: Festim Lato
  • Prime-Minister: Ali Aliu
  • Minister of Interior Affairs: Rrustem Geci
  • Minister of Justice: Elena Kocaqi
  • Minister of Economy and Finance: Idajet Jahaj
  • Minister of Education and Social Affairs: Ilda Prifti
  • Minister of Foreign Affairs: Jona Mustafa
  • Special Advisor, Secretary of State Foreign Affairs and Ambassador: Yohan Byrde.

The event attracted a diverse audience from all over Europe who witnessed the installation of the first official government of Chameria based on the new constitution.

The day started with a ceremony followed by a number of speeches that highlighted the struggle of the Chamerian people who have endured great hardships and have, through endurance and visionary leadership, come to a point where they can become a fully active member of the international community.

The various cabinet members were inaugurated and shared their perspectives on the history and politics of Chameria with a strong focus on the road that lies ahead.

The new constitution and the formation and inauguration of the government of the republic also made it possible to start with the procedure to grant citizenship to all the individual Cham people. The event was therefore also a launchpad for this process.

Furthermore, the struggle for recognition of Chameria as an independent nation among nations continues with the plan to set up diplomatic posts in many of the worlds capitals before the end of the year.

A video of the event will be published shortly


13.30                                    Registration and coffee and tea

14.00                                    Introduction, Elena Kocaqi, Government of Chameria

14.10                                     Presentation, Jeroen Zandberg, INEX Chief of Staff

14.25                                     Presentation, Yohan Byrde, INEX President

14.45                                     Presentation, Ali Aliu, Prime-Minister of Chameria

15.00                                     Presentation, Festim Lato, President Chameria

15.20                                     Official signing of establishment of the Republic of Chameria

15.30                                     Appointment and swearing in of the Cabinet of the Republic of Chameria

15.50                                     Presentation of the constitution

16.00                                     End of ceremony.





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