Konispol Memorial Visit

INEX President Yohan Byrde and the Vice-President visited the Chameria memorial in Konispol, Albania on 3 July 2017. The memorial was erected by the Albanian government to commemorate the victims of the 1944 expulsion and killings of Chamerians. The memorial shows the names, ages and places of the victims, so they will never be forgotten.

In 1994 the Albanian government declared the atrocities committed against the Cham people a genocide. Each year on the 27th of June a ceremony is held in honor of the fallen.


Football tournament for Unrepresented Peoples

On 17 June 2017 a football tournament for unrepresented peoples was held in The Hague, the Netherlands. It was organised by Jeroen Zandberg and several supporters of INEX and PLDP played and participated in the games. Teams from various backgrounds competed for the Cup. West Papua eventually took third place, Umubuano second and the tournament was won by the Chamerian team.

Conference on Chameria in Vlora, Albania

On 2 July 2017 INEX president Yohan Byrde and the vice-president took part in a conference on Chameria in the city of Vlora, Albania. This widely televised meeting saw experts of various backgrounds sharing their findings with the audience. The conference shed light on the genesis of the Chamerian people, their historical suffering as well as renewed hope due to active involvement of human rights advocates and other supporters.

Chameria Cultural Event

INEX president Yohan Byrde and the vice-president visited a Chamerian cultural event on 2 July 2017. At the event, several groups performed traditional Chamerian songs and dances showing the audience that the Chamerian culture is still vital and alive.

Visit to Tel Aviv and Jerusalem

INEX President Yohan Byrde and the vice-president visited Tel Aviv and Jerusalem from 16 to 19 July 2017 in order to meet with national and local government officials as part of expanding and maintaining the international network for a global partnership of peace.

Scottish Parliament Conference

INEX president Yohan Byrde visited Edinburgh to participate in a conference in the Scottish Parliament organised by UNPO and the Scottish Liberal Democrats on 26 June 2017. This conference shared perspectives on the rights of the unrepresented.

On the picture from left to right: Yohan Byrde (INEX) – Laura Harth (NRPTT) – Josep-Maria Terricabras (Member European Parliament) – Willie Rennie (Member Scottish Parliament) – Matteo Angioli ( Global Committee for the Rule of Law)

Chamerian historical sites visit

INEX president Yohan Byrde and the vice-president visited Northern Greece to see the cultural heritage sites of the Cham. Several houses formerly occupied by the Cham were visited as well as one of the castles of Ali Pasha from the early 19th century.